Sling Models Injectors

The AEM Library provides several custom Sling Models injectors to facilitate injection of AEM Library-specific context objects. Injector services are registered by default when the AEM Library Models bundle is installed, so @Inject annotated fields in model classes will be handled by the injectors below in addition to the default set of injectors provided by Sling.

Available Injectors

Title Name Service Ranking Description
Resource Resolver Adaptable Injector adaptable Integer.MIN_VALUE Injects objects that can be adapted from ResourceResolver, e.g. PageManagerDecorator
Component Content Injector component Integer.MAX_VALUE Injects objects derived from the current component context
Enum Injector enum 4000 Injects an enum for the property value matching the annotated field name
Image Injector images 4000 Injects from the current resource
Inherit Injector inherit 4000 Injects a property that inherits from ancestor pages if it isn’t found on the current resource
Link Injector links 4000 Injects derived from the property value for the current field name
Model List Injector model-list 999 Injects a list of models from adapted from the child of a named child resource
Reference Injector references 4000 Injects a resource or object adapted from a resource based on the value of a property
Tag Injector tags 800 Resolves a object (or list of tags) for the given property
ValueMap Injector valuemap 2500 Injects a property value with the given type from a ValueMap

Injector-specific Annotations

Annotation Supported Optional Elements Injector
@ImageInject injectionStrategy, isSelf, inherit, selectors images
@InheritInject injectionStrategy inherit
@LinkInject injectionStrategy, titleProperty, inherit links
@ReferenceInject injectionStrategy, inherit references
@TagInject injectionStrategy, inherit tags

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